The Real Jeb and Dash: The Quest for Carter & Isham
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A Letter From Alba to Pierre, 1903 w/ transcription

This letter from Carter's biological mother, Alba, to her husband Pierre is postmarked February 20, 1903, not quite 11 months before Alba passed away on January 12, 1904, at the age of 31. It mentions two of her three sons, Carter and Lewis. 
The fading ink on blue paper required the letter to be digitally enhanced in order to better read and preserve its words.  


Wednesday night 

I am right mad with my sad heart tonight – for two nights I have had no letter to cheer me. I have kept your dear letters by me on the table for three days and the mere sight of the outside gives me pleasure. I mailed you a letter this morning.  


The children and I spent the day at Fanny’s, and Mother brought Carter then during the morning. He was so glad to see me – petted me and kissed my hand for a long time.  


Last night I put your dressing gown over Lewis and this morning he pointed to it and said “Daddy, Daddy” in his eager little way. There are one hundred things I want to tell you now, and it takes so long to write them that I think I’ll wait until you come. Now that it will be less than a week, I feel so joyous.  


Thursday night 

I came to a stop last night because the inadequacy of writing was felt by me so strongly that I thought I must wait for an expression of my love until we are face to face. Early this morning Miss L. telephoned me there was a letter from you, so I went in for it. As soon as I glanced at the first pages I knew you were not writing under the influence of a letter from me, and I was so surprised that you hadn’t received my letter. It was mailed Monday morning – another week. (Indecipherable) was sick today – cold and ear ache so he didn’t work this afternoon. If you had dreamed about me on Sunday night I would have understood it, because there I was truly in distress of mind, but Monday night, the night of your opening, I felt better and since Sunday I have controlled my feelings outwardly, that inwardly my longing for you is intense. To me twilight has always been the most mournful time, and when it begins now I begin to feel lonely and blue. Today I went in twice and paid in all ten visits in the neighborhood. I am invited to a big card party next Tuesday afternoon on Washington St 


Let me know what train Thursday you will come so I may be planning and anticipating. I enjoyed your news of Darien [Georgia]. Give my regards to all you think I should send them to and tell Susie if it were not for my three encumbrances I would have gone with you. Forget little things are a comfort to the lone heart of your wife, pining all the time for a kiss and a clasp. 


Devotedly – Happy.        


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